Short Films

2007 - "Used Furniture"

Directed and Produced by William Doble

Written by William Doble & Scott Suchman

Cinematography by Chris Bierlein

Visit the Lucky Star used furniture shop in Brooklyn, New York as it closes for good. Discover if Charlie 'the chair', Floyd the 'file cabinet' and Pauly 'the desk' can avoid the horrible fate that Junior, the store keeper is preparing. Watch as a trio of antique wood fight their way to freedom.


  • male customer Seth Herzog
  • junior Joshua Sidis
  • charlie the chair Adam LeFevre
  • sid the postman Adam Stein
  • floyd the file cabinet Isiah Whitlock Jr.
  • pauly the desk Jeremy Brisiel
  • timmy the broken chair Jon DeVries
  • female customer Alexandra Donhoeffner

2001 - "Zog's Place"

A film by William Doble and Toby Miller

Zog's Place documents the extraordinary living situation of New Yorker Seth "The Zog" Herzog. In a 12' x 5' apartment, Seth lives among a breathtaking amount of personal memorabilia that gives new meaning to the word clutter.Zog's Place expands the boundaries of American normalcy as it captures one man's attempt to literally "keep it all balanced."

Starring Seth "The Zog" Herzog

Commentary by:

  • Michael Showalter
  • Mr. Blue
  • Jonathan Marc Sherman
  • Kera Greene
  • Rich Webb
  • Audrey Lavine